COVID-19 Measures

Here’s how the BPN school is operating during the current transition period:

– Face masks are required to access any of BPN’s facilities;

– Upon entering the BPN studio, everyone must wipe their shoes on the sanitizing mat, sanitize their hands with alcohol gel, and have their temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature of 37.8 degrees or above will not be permitted to enter the studio;

– The use of the café area is limited to customers while they are consuming their food/beverage;

– The use of showers and drinking fountains is prohibited by law;

– The café is functioning normally, albeit with a reduced menu;

– In the classrooms, the space for each student is clearly delineated;

– All material used in Pilates and Physio-Ballet classes must be sanitized by the student before use. 70% alcohol sprayers are made available by the studio;

– A 15-minute gap is scheduled between all classes to allow for the bars and floor to be sanitized;

– Students must leave the room immediately after class and are not permitted to gather in the hallways;

– In the classroom, students must maintain a distance of 1.5m from the instructor at all times.

Now… Let’s dance!

ADULT BALLET PROJECT, because dancing...

has no age...